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We, Now, Here, There, Together
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We, Now, Here, There, Together: A-festival 2016 essays | Chúng ta, lúc này, đây, đó, cùng nhau: những tiểu luận của A-festival 2016

Edited by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho, Kaitlin Rees & Nhã Thuyên 
First published by AJAR press
Cover & Book design: Trần Thu Ngân
© 2017 A-festival & authors & translators
Cover image © Trần Thu Ngân
Dimension: 12x20 cm. 272 page. 
English & Vietnamese language




The collection of essays gathered from A-festival (Hanoi, 2016) explores different notions of the political in poetry. "Politics relating to how groups define themselves and form their identity against odds; gender politics, such as making certain female writers, previously underrepresented, more visible; language politics—which language to use? whose language? when is it allowed and disallowed? what are the consequences of using and misappropriating it?; politics that have to do with governments, regimes, histories and policies; and lastly, politics of the more personal kind manifested in everyday decisions, a form of politics that does not go away, that frightens one but at the same time also enriches one’s writing and sharpens one’s awareness of being alive." (From the foreword by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho)

(From the foreword by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho: Not Yet Born and Again: A Community


Table of Contents

Foreword: Not Yet Born and Again: A Community - Tammy Lai-Ming Ho
We Now, Now Now: On Writing Political Poems - Tammy Lai-Ming Ho
Social Engagement in the Poetry of New Generation Burmese Poets - Maung Day
Tasks of the New Translator: East Asian Poetry in English Translation - James Shea
Dreadful Hope in a Tottering Center of Sky - Kaitlin Rees
The Possibilities and Limits of Play: Poetry and (Self) Publishing Practices in Vietnam Today - Nhã Thuyên
Creepy-Ass Cracker - Colin Cheney 
Vietnamese Poetry: Community, Individuality, and the Personal - Thanh Phùng
Writing in Solitudes - Nur Soliman 
After words: Heard Together  – a melted conversation between Nhã Thuyên and Kaitlin Rees