To a brutality of light that in another language might be what is
This World Isn’t Mysterious Anymore
Author: Maung Day
Published on: 10/30/2017 8:19:49 PM

There are things I want to say, but can’t.

For instance, I want to say this world isn’t mysterious anymore.

There are no more lotuses under my wooden bridge.

But you know what, I am still here. You are still here.

And when you travel, I put your shirt on your pillow next to mine.


I dream every night. And I am glad I dream

Because this world isn’t mysterious anymore.

Everything is just devouring everything else.

Morning eats its own ruddy flesh until it is no more.

Animals that feast on themselves don’t even become ghosts.


I don’t want to count other people’s money

In the basement of a bank anymore.

It’s been weeks since the last time I watered my plants.

People are strange when you are a stranger, sing the Doors.

Actually I’ve been living in this neighborhood for long.

But I am still a stranger here. Also, you are not allowed

To apply philosophy you get from songs in this neighborhood.

Baby, the season for snakes to shed their old skins has arrived.

When you come back home, we will take a long walk

To the beautiful towns of Southern Shan State.


- photo by Yến Dương